Q. Can I qualify for a loan?

A. Below is a list of some lenders that can help with purchasing a mobile home.       Most of these companies offer financing for folks with not-so-perfect credit.


There's no reason to wait any longer to move your family into a home of their own.

The following lenders specialize in lending on manufactured homes in mobile home

communities, where the borrower owns only the home and not the land.

This type of lending is called “Personal Property Lending” or “Chattel Lending".

Q. What Lenders specialize in mobile home lending?

A. Below is a list of some lenders that can help with purchasing a mobile home.


21st Mortgage

Knoxville, TN

Coverage: National (800) 955-0021


Eva Bank

Cullman, AL

Coverage: Regional (256) 737-1414


Credit Human

San Antonio, TX

Coverage: National (1-877) 475-6852 ext.0



Jacksonville, FL

Coverage: National (800) 522-2013


Vanderbilt Mortgage

Maryland, TN

Coverage: National (800) 822-0633

Q. What else should I know?

A. Calhoun Homes does not actively promote these companies, nor make any

statements or promises on the services they render. This list is simply for

informational purposes.


Updated 7/17

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