Auto Pay with Clear Now

Create More Free Time For You and Your Family

A. Make your rent payment effortlessly each month.


 You can make your rent payment online:  the service is safe, free, totally controlled by you and convenient.

We recommend using Clearnow to all our residents.


Here's why:


1. Security.


They are a proven company and we've never had a security issue with any of the many payments we've received using their service.


2. It's free to you.


We pay the fee for the service on our end.


3. You maintain control of the payment.


If you see that your checking account balance might be too low one month, a simple click on Clearnow's site will block the payment from taking place.


4. You don't have to remember to write a check or go get a money order each month.


5. You don't have to go buy stamps and envelopes.


6. Saves you time/hassle, which frees you up to do other things that you enjoy.


We have been using Clearnow for auto-draft service for many years.


To get details and the form to start the service

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