5 Reasons Mobile Home Communities Beat Apartment Living

1.  No neighbours knocking on your walls or ceiling

Everyone who's lived in an apartment has had that "special" noisy neighbour living beside or above them.  Loud music is only 4-5 inches away when you share a wall with another person or family.


2.  Have a yard and all that...

It's nice to be able to plant flowers and spruce up your own yard if you choose to.  Mobile home communities provide you with the space to do just that.  And if you need more storage you have room for a storage shed as well.


3.  Own your own home

While some of our residents rent a home from us, many of them own their own homes and just rent the lot.  It can be a great deal either way.  If you'd like to buy one of our rental homes we're open to selling them. There are also some tax advantages to owning your own home.


4. Park by your front door

Some apartment complex parking lots are just that; complex.  Get home late at night and you might have to park in the next zip code.  In our communities you park right next to your door.


5.  A stable sense of community

We strive to provide clean, neat communities that you'll be proud to call home.  Our residents appreciate this and tend to stay for years.


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